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We offer our high-end hydration treatments to those who are experiencing:

General Dehydration

• Dehydration is a condition that occurs when the loss of body fluids, mostly water, exceeds the amount that is taken in. With dehydration, more water is moving out of our cells and bodies than what we take in through drinking. When we lose too much water, our bodies may become out of balance or dehydrated. Severe dehydration can lead to death.


• Veisalgia is the medical term for a hangover. It is the experience of various unpleasant physiological and psychological effects following consumption of alcoholic beverages and is generally characterized by a feeling of severe discomfort that may last more than 24 hours.

IV Rehydration

• IV Rehydration is great for Athletes, overexertion from working out or in the heat for too long, recovery and fatigue from illness, re-energizing, hangovers, migraine relief, everyday aches and pains. 


Basic Package: Fluids (Normal saline/LR) $85 (plus tax) 

Boost Package: Fluids plus a B12 injection (can trade for a different injection) $105 (plus tax) 

Advanced Package: Fluids, B12 injection, and your choice of Toradol (Pain and inflammation) or Zofran (Nausea and vomiting) $125 (plus tax) 

Premium Package: Fluids, B12, Toradol, and Zofran. $140 (plus tax) 

Injections alone:
 Toradol $20 
Zofran $20 
B12, $20 or four (4) for $60 

Memberships: For $50 a month you get the Premium package (Premium Package: Fluids, B12, Toradol, and Zofran.) normally a $140 value for just $100 each time you come in. Memberships are shareable with up to four (4) people, including yourself. 

How often is IV therapy suggested?: 
Depending on your cardiac output and medical history, a minimum of two (2) times a month, and a maximum of three (3) times per week. frequency can be discussed during first appointment. B12 injections should be one (1) a week for the first month, and one (1) a month every month after. 

Discounts for Military, Veterans, police, fire and EMS. Party packages available. 

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